Homeowners Insurance

For most of us our home is our biggest asset and we want to cover ourselves correctly. The good news is we have many insurance companies to fit your needs. Get a basic homeowners insurance policy to cover yourself against mother nature, fire and theft. Or we can tailor your policy to cover you for water back up or even extra electronic coverage. Some of the other coverage's available are Replacement cost dwelling coverage, Replacement cost contents, living expense or increase liability coverage's. If your dwelling is on or near water on Long Island, not a problem. We have specific carriers who will underwrite this type of policy. An increasing number of insurance companies will no longer write homeowner policies with dwellings on or near water, ever since hurricane Sandy. Fortunately we have the carriers that will offer coverage. If you own a home in Suffolk County or Nassau County NY all it takes is a phone call to us to find out more.

There are other types of insurance policies available like flood insurance. Flood insurance is not just for people on or near the water. You can purchase a policy and cover yourself for water seepage that is not covered in a homeowners insurance policy.

Renters insurance is another type of policy that covers your personal item and liability coverage when renting an apartment.

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