Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer insurance if I am in the assigned risk category?
A: Absolutely and if qualified we can even rewrite your policy and get you out of the assigned risk only after 6 months of continuous insurance.

Q: Does using my road side assistance too often, increase my premiums?
A: When using road side assistance it will go down as an incident but not a chargeable incident

Q: If I have children living home with drivers licenses are they automatically covered by my auto insurance?
A: Yes children are covered unless you are misleading information then it can be considered a misrepresentation an Insurance company can denied the claim.

Q Is glass coverage automatically included in my policy or does it have to be added?
A: All coverage's must be added for a additional charge. Glass coverage is usually a small premium.

Q: How long should I wait to report an auto accident?
A: All accidents should be reported as soon as possible either to the insurance company or your broker/agent.

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